Interior Painting

Interior Painting 

We make your walls look like NEW! It’s crucial for you to get the best Ottawa painting company for your interior painting and patching needs. At Green Time Painting & Design, we can assure you of efficient, prompt and expert painting and wall finishing services from our team of professional painters. We have years of experience in interior painting and patching projects in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

We know that interior painting is one of the best ways to freshen up your home. We help you choose the proper finishes best suited for your environment. Our painters will recommend the appropriate products based on the look, mood and durability that you prefer.

Our painters see to it that the walls are patched and clean first before the painting is started. We will cover all exposed areas such as flooring, and furnishings.

Did we mention that we use eco-friendly paint with low odur and plant a tree for every room painted ?

Decorative Finishes – Feature walls that will leave you stunned.

Bring your walls to life! Imagine walking into your freshly painted home and seeing a custom marble-like feature wall made from natural stone plasters in your favourite colours

Green Time Painting & Design takes decorating to another level ? our custom decorative wall finishes are truly original and customizable. We offer venetian plaster, microcement, lime wash, and other decorative finishes for clients in Ottawa and Toronto. We can make your walls look like marble, concrete slabs, cement, metal and much more. 

Our team has travelled the world and learned venetian plaster from master applicators to bring Ottawa and Toronto the best in decorative wall finishes the world has to offer.

We work with interior designers, architects, homeowners, and business owners in Ottawa and Toronto by creating wall designs that suit their environment. Walls and ceilings can be transformed into art when artistic talents collaborate with Green Time Painting & Design.

Why choose us?

  • Green Time Painting & Design uses eco-friendly paints and decorative finishes without the toxic chemicals that can cause recurring ailments, respiratory conditions and allergies to people and pets. Our water-based paints do not leave dangerous footprints. Our paint products are better because they contain negligible VOC (or none at all) that produce lesser damage.  VOCs are emitted by chemical paints that leave non-biodegradable waste materials.
  • We offer custom interior painting and decorating services that best suite your properties needs.
  • We are more reliable because majority of previous customers gave us very high ratings for efficiency and excellence in customer-service. Our company realizes the worth of your property. We are fully insured to ascertain peace of mind for all our clients. GreenTime is certified by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) for Business to Business sub-contracting projects.
  • As professional paint contractors, we have the capacity to come up with comprehensive preparatory work. This is definitely the key to a long-term painting job. Our painters will prepare your interiors before painting which includes scraping and sanding the surfaces.
  • We use the proper products since our painters know how to use various products and work with different surfaces. They know exactly the kind of paint suitable for your home’s interiors.
  • GreenTime is knowledgeable of all safety measures in house painting. This includes mixing of paints or keeping the chemicals away from sources of ignition. Qualified interior painters understand all these safety procedures.
  • We focus on quality. As competent interior house painters, we have the right skills, experience, tools, and training to finish our task efficiently. We adhere to regulations, codes and standards. Thus, our customers can look forward to seamless output and accurate specifications.
  • We will finish the work on time without compromising quality. Our people will clean up your home after the painting is done. You do not have to worry about clutter or issues of tidiness. At the same time, we can guarantee to enhance the value of your abode or establishment for possible resale.

Green Time Painting and Design is one of the premier residential and commercial interior painting service providers in Ottawa.

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