Microcement in Ottawa homes and condos
urban wall designs – industrial look 

Micro-cement is a decorative cement finish that is added to walls and floors for an urban/modern design. Good for both industrial and residential areas, depending on the client’s target. Brave, sleek, all-inclusive, sophisticated, new, urban, heavy, and did we mention long-lasting?

Unlike other decorative finishes, micro-cement with the right protective sealer is strong enough to withstand walls and shower rooms. All throughout Ottawa, apartments, condominiums and luxurious homes each deserve stunning design walls and surfaces.

We are the only company that offers such a large range of decorative finishes in Ottawa, Ontario. Our Dream is to design and create walls and interior spaces for our community in Ottawa – it is our pleasure to do this work. We promise that as you browse at our previous ventures, you can see and find something new.

Our goal is to beautify your homes and walls. Your walls will become a storytelling piece of art. Let us help you tell the story.

Micro-cement is a durable finish applied on walls, floors, and surfaces. Great for commercial and residential spaces depending on the goal of the client. BOLD, dark, all-encompassing, sophisticated, modern, industrial, strong, and did we mention durable? Unlike other decorative finishes, micro-cement is durable enough to withstand floors and showers with the right protective sealer. Condos and luxury homes in Ottawa deserve beautiful feature walls and surfaces – we are here to create beauty.