Microcement renovations for Ottawa residential / commercial projects

cement/concrete designs for walls and ceilings

Microcement is a decorative cement finish that is added to walls and floors for an urban/modern design. Good for both industrial and residential areas. Sleek, sophisticated, new, urban, heavy, and did we mention long-lasting?

Unlike other decorative finishes, microcement with the right protective sealer is strong enough to withstand walls and shower rooms. All throughout Ottawa, apartments, condominiums and luxurious homes each deserve stunning design walls and surfaces.

We are the only company that offers such a large range of decorative finishes in Ottawa, Ontario. Our Dream is to design and create walls and interior spaces for our community in Ottawa – it is our pleasure to do this work. We promise that as you browse at our previous ventures, you can see and find something new.

Our goal is to beautify your homes and walls. Your walls will become a storytelling piece of art. Let us help you tell the story.

Renovate your bathroom/shower with Microcement in Ottawa and the surrounding regions.

There are several bathroom contractors in Ottawa, but there are few artists that can turn your bathroom and shower into handmade microcement walls and ceilings.

We design and construct microcement projects in Ottawa and the surrounding regions.

Microcement is gradually gaining popularity in Ottawa and Canada. It is quite popular outside of Canada, particularly in Australia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Robbie (founder/artisan) honed his microcement and Venetian plaster talents in Australia, while Patrick (artisan) worked across Europe.

The trouble with microcement: after you see it, you’ll want it… (and there aren’t a lot of companies who provide construction and design services in Ottawa).

Have no fear. We’ll walk you through the microcement bathroom remodelling steps.

We provide entire bathroom updating, including the demolition and installation of tiles, vanities, showers, and other bathroom hardware. Our team of craftsmen and tradespeople can help you create your custom walls and ceilings to match or accent your accessories, as well as your vanity, shower, and other fixtures.

Our course of action often goes like this:

  • Assess, plan/design, demolish, install, and finish.

Every project is unique. Some projects just need the application of microcement to the walls and ceilings, while others need an entire demolition and reconstruction.

First let’s assess your present bathroom to decide the degree of care you need. The design and budget are the most important elements.

Remember that you can put microcement over tiles, so you may not need to destroy certain walls and surfaces if you can apply microcement right on top of them.

However, demolition may be the only alternative in some situations, such as eliminating a bathtub.

Showers, walls, ceilings, and floors could be finished with microcement, both smooth and rough texture. Smooth microcement appears like matte stone, whereas heavy rough textured microcement resembles industrial cement.

Bathroom decor might be dark, modern, or rustic. Each design project in Ottawa has specific needs based on the use of the bathroom.

The design phase is when you choose the finishes that will make the bathroom a standout piece or something more understated. A design idea is made using bespoke samples of microcement, floor tiles, vanity, and accessories.

Optional 2D/3D sketches are also available to assist us visualize how the bathroom will seem.

Once the finishing are completed and the plan is established, demolition may commence.

Typically, a container is leased to dispose of the old materials and vanities. If your restoration job is in a high-rise apartment, we may load and dump the destroyed bathroom debris rather of setting a container.

After the demolition, we work with different trade services to finish your bathroom restoration projects in the proper sequence.

The steps below outline how we use microcement to remodel showers, bathrooms and washrooms:

Assume you want to restore a normal bathroom that presently has an old bathtub with tiles on the walls and flooring. You want to create a stand-up shower with microcement walls across the bathroom, as well as freshly tiled floors, vanity/toilet, and glass shower doors.


  1. Remove or dismantle the old bathtub, tiles, and fittings
  2. Repair the frame as required.
  3. Rough-in new plumbing and install electrical as required.
  4. Prepare or replace the subfloor
  5. Install the shower base.
  6. Install the new tiles.
  7. Add drywall or cement boards to the walls.
  8. Use mud, sand, and primer to seal the walls.
  9. Use a waterproof membrane system on the shower walls.
  10. Apply microcement to the walls
  11. Seal the microcement with a specialized waterproof sealant.
  12. Install the shower knobs and the showerhead.
  13. Install shower glass/door
  14. Install the baseboards and trim.
  15. Install the vanity and toilet.
  16. Enjoy a gorgeous Microcement shower for many years to come.

Notice how microcement ranks tenth on the list. Microcement is just one component of such a large remodeling project. We provide comprehensive remodeling services to achieve stunning results by developing the most appropriate finishes for bathrooms in personalized colors and finishes.

Clients can work with us for microcement application services alone or as part of a package that includes other services.

Green Time Painting and Design offers the following services both in-house and via trusted chosen trade partners:

  • Design and apply microcement • Demolition • Drywall, mudding, sanding, priming, and painting • Install subfloors.
  • Install shower bases, bathtubs, tiles, electrical, plumbing, vanity/toilet, and shower doors.

Our customers save time by managing contractors themselves. We are pleased to offer Microcement application services only for projects handled by external contractors.

We can sometimes provide more competitive prices on remodeling trades. Our renowned Ottawa subcontractors provide preferential rates to Green Time Painting and Design clients.

Things to consider while upgrading your bathroom using microcement:

When preparing wet environments such as showers, we strongly advise adding a waterproof membrane such as the Red Guard, KERDI, or Schluter system. Waterproof membranes should be put over cement boards or moisture-resistant drywall that has been mudded and sanded to a level 3 finish. To get a smooth surface, apply two coats of compound to screws, tape, and joints, then sand carefully.

Having a properly mudded, sanded, and primer-sealed surface is crucial.

Even if you are doing a thick textured microcement, if there are visible tape lines or holes showing before applying microcement, they can appear in the final coat. If there is a horizontal tape line showing in your feature wall, it could be a huge headache to resolve it, sometimes a complete redo is required.