Ottawa Retail and Corporate Interior Design


-Creating a better space that suites the needs of your business
-Improved and more comfortable work conditions
-Better interior design than your competitors
-Attract your customers with an interior space so beautiful, they will want to take a picture.
-Aligning branding theme into the interior space to align your message interior space.
-Organize the interior space for better, functionality, efficiency, and safer work conditions.
-Eco-design with low/zero v.o.c materials
-Coordinating the design and building process 


  1. Space Planning: To existing interior space & New shell interior space
    Way finding. Finding out how your employees and clients move through your commercial space.
  2. Barrier – Free design
  3. Millwork
  4. Furniture design / Staging
  5. Lighting Plans
  6. Paint consultation
  7. Specialty custom designer wall finishes
  8. Window Treatment