Wall Designs

Decorative finishes from around the WORLD ?

We work with Interior Designers, Architects, homeowners, and businesses to create beautiful one-of-a-kind interior walls and surfaces. We’ve trained around the world with master artisans (from Lebanon to Australia) to bring Ottawa and Toronto venetian plaster and other beautiful wall finishes.

Imagine your feature walls were one BIG piece of marble that matched the furniture. Or imagine a reception desk that was one BIG piece of metal. We offer CUSTOM decorative finishes such as venetian plaster (marble effect), microcement, concrete, liquid metal, and more. Green Time Painting & Design is based in Ottawa and also operates in Toronto for decorative projects. We are the only company in Ottawa and Toronto that offers such a wide selection of decorative finishes. Designing walls is our PASSION – it’s a labour of love. We guarantee that you will see something new when you are looking through our past projects.

Our mission is to make your walls beautiful. Your walls will become a piece of art that tells a story. Let us tell your story.

We can design and apply finishes on:

  • walls
  • ceilings
  • floors
  • doors
  • tabletops
  • almost any surface

Customize your texture, colour, pattern, and sheen to suit your environment.

Venetian plaster 

Venetian plaster is a decorative finish that turns any wall, ceiling, or surface into a GIANT slab of marble, stone, or cement. Venetian plaster is made from natural material like marble dust and limestone. This decorative material is real stone that is applied to surfaces by trowel. The great thing about venetian plaster is that you can have a marble/stone finish in your home or business without the need for heavy lifting and structural changes. Imagine any wall or ceiling in your house or business transforming into a piece of GIANT piece of marble, stone, or cement.

Venetian plaster is Italian imported natural limestone plaster. Venetian plaster is applied to normal drywall walls and ceilings for half the price of installing real marble slabs. We combine custom artistic wall designs with traditional Italian application techniques.

No one else will have walls like yours.

We customize your venetian plaster wall design to suit your interior space. Express yourself with all the different colours, textures, patterns, and sheens venetian plaster has to offer.
Here are some quick facts:
  • Venetian plaster is a traditional wall finish that originated in Italy hundreds of years ago.
  • It comes in different grains of plaster that give it different effects like marble, stone, concrete, and more.
  • It’s eco-friendly, made from 100% natural materials ?
  • Venetian plaster is applied and burnished by trowel, and then polished.
  • Venetian plaster can be applied to specialty primed walls, ceilings, and countertops.
  • Our venetian plaster designs vary from shiny marble effect, to stone matte textured effects.
Venetian Plaster Ottawa | Venetian Plaster Toronto


Limewash is an all-natural paint substitute made from limestone. Limewash is a chalky, shadowy, textured matte finish that is cost effective compared to other decorative finishes.

It comes in many off-white tones and earthy colours like browns, grays, and taupes. Limewash is environmentally friendly so it’s perfect for Ottawa and Toronto interiors. Limewash has a high pH level that adds a hypoallergenic attribute. Limewash is said to remove odors and improve interior air quality.

Limewash is applied by brush (2-3 coats) and It drys up to 10 times lighter than wet. Since this finish is not shiny, cleaning can be tricky. The good news is that you can touch up limewash by reapplying.



Microcement gives a stone/concrete effect and is much more durable than venetian plaster.

The main benefit of microcement is that it can be applied to heavy traffic areas such as floors, showers and tabletops.

Liquid Metal

If you thought venetian plaster was rare in Ottawa – Introducing Liquid Metal

As the name suggests, this material is a liquid metal that is applied by trowel to most surfaces and then sanded and buffed.

Lime Concrete walls – industrial finishes in Ottawa and Toronto

Turn your walls into concrete slabs! Our decorative lime concrete are perfect for those who want industrial style feature wall in their home or business.

We offer lime concrete wall finishes for interior projects in Ottawa and Toronto. Concrete transforms your space into a industrial style which is modern and sophisticated.  You can have lines in your design for a slab effect or have one GIANT wall of concrete.

Industrial style lime concrete walls are perfect wall condos in Toronto and Ottawa. You will turn your walls into a piece of art that will not only look beautiful- it can also increase the value of your property.

Add character to your walls and ceilings with our speciality decorative wall finishes. We have spent years learning about artistic techniques and products to turn any surface in your home or business into ART.

If you live in Ottawa or Toronto – we want to design your walls and ceilings with beautiful finishes from around the world.