Venetian plaster can dramatically improve the interiors of homes and businesses in Ottawa

Imagine your bedroom with a feature wall that looks like a piece of stone that matches your furniture.

Or maybe being greeted by a marble ceiling where your popcorn ceiling used to be in the entrance of your home. You will be greeted by nature itself because venetian plaster is made from 100% natural material. Your walls will look, feel, and shine like natural stone.

Venetian plaster does not require heavy lifting and structural changes. (unlike installing slabs of marble or stone). Did we mention? there are no grout lines like tiles either. Best of all, venetian plaster is more cost-effective than install marble or stone slab and fully is customizable.

Our Interior Design Consultant and Artisan work together to create your feature walls, furniture and space design to create a timeless work of art – which would be your home.

Any wall or ceiling in your house or business can be transformed into a piece of GIANT piece of marble, stone, or cement. Our decorative materials are applied to surfaces by trowel. Venetian plaster is an Italian imported natural limestone plaster.

Venetian plaster is applied to normal drywall walls and ceilings for half the price of installing real marble slabs.
We combine custom artistic wall designs with traditional Italian application techniques. No one else will have walls like yours.

Express yourself with all the different colours, textures, patterns, and sheens venetian plaster has to offer.


Here are some quick facts:

  • Venetian plaster is a traditional wall finish that originated in Italy hundreds of years ago.
  • It has different effects like marble, stone, concrete, and more.
  • It’s eco-friendly, made from 100% natural materials ?
  • Venetian plaster is applied and burnished by trowel, and then polished.
  • Venetian plaster can be applied to specialty primed walls, ceilings, floors and surfaces like countertops.
  • Our venetian plaster designs vary from shiny marble effect, to stone matte textured effects.